Of all the yoga classes available on any given day in New York City, there’s one in particular to absolutely take time to experience: Justin Donham’s candlelight session. It is a wonderful and hypnotic immersion of Justin’s soothing energy, which has the ability to quell an unruly mind and recharge the body — all to the tune of his impeccable, thoughtful playlists.
— Sarah Gearhart, sportswriter + 13-time marathoner
I had never understood why people cried during yoga classes… Like, it’s just body movement and great music, right?? Justin’s candlelight class was the first class I ever cried in. Between his invigorating sequencing, his silky smooth big-hug voice and his impeccable eclectic taste in music, Justin’s yoga classes unleash an inner goddess you didn’t even know existed behind your complex world. I suffer from severe anxiety, and Justin’s classes are one of the few experiences that remove me from that space and allow new space to open up within me. For an hour, I forgot my troubles and was swept away into a peaceful, calm and serene space.
— Eli Dagostino, Vanity Fair published photographer
Photo by Jason Sellers, courtesy of  Outside/in New York

Photo by Jason Sellers, courtesy of Outside/in New York