Justin Donham has worn many hats over the years including performer, stage manager, voice-over artist , and sound designer. He was first introduced to yoga back in 2001 when he was working on a Broadway show. Sat Jivan Kaur from Kundalini Yoga East came into rehearsals regularly and introduced him to the power of a focused, vigorous practice. 

Since moving to NYC, Justin has studied many different movement vocabularies including Viewpoints, Suzuki, contact improvisation, developmental movement, and Butoh. Few things make him happier than being barefoot in a room full of bodies in motion.  

Drawing from this deep love of movement, his classes are a blend of fluid sequencing, healthy alignment, evocative music, and a big dollop of playfulness.

He is a graduate of Prema Yoga Brooklyn’s 200-hour Teacher Training program and would like to extend tremendous gratitude to Amanda Harding, Lesley Desaulniers, Ariel Kiley, and especially Bobbie Marchand.